atrium v0.11.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-04-19 // 4 months ago
  • API Maturity: Stable
    Implementation Maturity: Almost Stable

    🏗 There won't be any breaking changes in the API (assertion functions/builders) until v1.0.0 besides parameter name renaming and experimental features. But we want to progress as well and deprecate functionality in each version (e.g quite a lot with 0.7.0 and with 0.9.0; please replace deprecated functionality until v1.0.0 where we will remove it).
    ✅ However, we do not provide yet a stable API for the domain and core modules of Atrium -- it is almost stable, but there might be slight breaking changes which we want to introduce before v1.0.0. That is also the reason why we do not have yet established backward compatibility tests for domain/core. This might affect you if you write your own assertion functions. And it also affects you if you provide your own implementation for parts of Atrium.

    Table of Content

    🆕 New Features

    API fluent-en_GB

    • #131 shortcut Iterable.containsExactlyElementsOf => thanks to @tkech17
    • #425 shortcut Iterable.containsElementsOf => thanks to @tkech17
    • #422 add elementsOf to contains.ignoreCase => thanks to @Miftahunajat

    Domain / Core

    • none this time

    🛠 Fixes

    • none this time

    👌 Improvements

    • #339 Avoid Duplicated Messages
    • #116 Migrate Spek1 specs to Spek2 => thanks to @assaflei
    • 🚚 #416 move non-jvm specific specs to common => thanks to @assaflei

    💥 Breaking Changes

    Planned (previously deprecated or announced)

    • none this time


    • none this time

    🗄 Deprecation

    • none this time

    💥 Breaking Changes with 1.0.0

    👀 See atrium-roadmap -> Milestone 1.0.0

    🗄 Migrating deprecated functionality

    ⚡️ There aren't any deprecations in this version and thus also no migration required if you update from 0.9.x or 0.10.0.

    🚀 In case you migrate from 0.8.0 to this version, have a look at the migration guide given in the release notes of v0.9.0