dokka v0.9.18 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-03-19 // 11 months ago
  • πŸ™‹ Check out migration notes: here

    ⏱ Experimental Kotlin Multiplatform support is scheduled for 0.9.19

    Thanks to our external contributors:

    πŸ”„ Changes:

    πŸ›  fixed fat JAR resolution in Gradle plugin #316

    πŸ›  fixed constructor tag #300

    πŸ›  fixed preserve newlines in javadoc code blocks #409

    πŸ›  fixed visibility modifier for protected property getters and setters #342

    πŸ›  fixed missing parameters on Javadoc output on Java classes #343

    βœ‚ removed duplicate copies of parameters in generated docs for primary constructors #341

    πŸ›  fixed nullable left off function type parameter with default value #328

    πŸ›  fixed failing of Dokka plugin on Gradle 5.0 #388

    βž• added instructions for configuring Dokka in IDEA #386

    πŸ›  fixed annotatedProperty test #426

    βž• added an ability to disable link to Java documentation #188

    βž• added type safe counterparts to Closure taking methods on Gradle DokkaTask #358

    πŸ›  fixed "Can't find node by signature not implemented for value-parameter." #278

    πŸ‘‰ use canonicalPath instead of absolutePath for srcLink #289

    ⚑️ updated #399, #441, #443

    πŸ™‹ created FAQ

    πŸ›  fixed nullability annotations in Javadoc #446

    ⚑️ updated bundled kotlin-compiler to 1.3.20-dev-564 f640397

    ♻️ refactored maven-plugin build b3b3058

    πŸ›  fixed constant values for java b0310f8

    formated javadoc: vararg arguments are represented as single arg #361

    βž• added type safe counterparts to Closure taking methods on Gradle DokkaTask #358

    πŸ›  excluded internal visibility modifier from summary, fixed exclusion logic

    πŸ›  fixed parameter rendering in asJava mode 0485472

    introduced option to enable/disable jdk linking

    βž• added more detailed signature on class page f5746c4

    βž• added support for constants in as java mode 633fda3

    πŸ›  fixed local links resolved in incorrect context 4301503

    πŸ›  fixed inbound links to enum entries e38d839

    πŸ›  fixed relative uri's generation 6361dd3

    πŸ›  fixed resolution of inbound links to constructors in Javadoc [commit] (3c6be4a)

    βž• added support for external link resolution in JavadocParser b00dabc

    βž• added type info to param and return section in javadoc a50de81

    βž• added support for implicit sections inheritance 74b2281

    πŸ›  fixed resolution of package links ee0b640

    βž• added support for {@inheritDoc} including grand inheritance and skip levels a16ae6c

    πŸ›  fixed resolution of links in Javadoc 6cfaf04

    πŸ›  fixed structure of content paragraphs in Javadoc parser 57a6bb5

    πŸ›  fixed generation of superclass sequence 9539284

    βž• added logic for inherited constants 5487473

    πŸ›  fixed checking belonging to public API 27deff9

    stabilized signatures to fix linking from Java to Kotlin a3f16fd

    made possible to group extensions by receiver 3e8448b

    βž• added inbound links in java layout html 71ef970

    βž• added support for constants from Java in Kotlin-as-Kotlin mode 85d2ea3

    βž• added support for propagating inherited extensions from libraries 1391dcc

    βž• added support for deep inheritance with external classes c776aaa

    made possible to generate signatures on output format side 63ab561