Programming language: Kotlin
License: Apache License 2.0
Tags: Web    
Latest version: v0.6.3

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GraphQL Kotlin Toolkit

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A toolkit for GraphQL, specifically for Kotlin. This toolkit provides some useful tools that are compatible with graphql-java.

Code generation

This tool follows the schema-first approach, in which you first write your schema.graphqls files and implement the server-side code for it afterwards. This code generator additionally creates an interface for each resolver. These can be used to implement each resolver in a clean way. The tool also provides specific parameters for each argument, allowing a more type safe way to access the incoming data. This code generator also supports Kotlin's null safety feature!

Example resolver:

class MutationUpdateUser : GQLMutationUpdateUser {
    override fun resolve(input: GQLUpdateUserInput, env: GQLMutationUpdateUser.Env): User {
        TODO("implement your resolver")

Getting started [here](docs/codegen/gettings-started.md)!

Spring Boot integration

This integration works in a more opinionated way as it provides additional annotations which can be used to register code for various GraphQL types. It also comes with a servlet, which handles all GraphQL requests.

Getting started [here](docs/spring-boot-integration/getting-started.md)!


  • Code generation
    • [Getting started (Gradle Plugin)](docs/codegen/gettings-started.md)
    • [Schema configuration](docs/codegen/schema-configuration.md)
    • [Advanced configuration (Gradle Plugin)](docs/codegen/advanced-configuration.md)
    • [Code generation with Spring Boot integration](docs/codegen/code-generation-with-spring-boot-integration.md)
  • Spring Boot integration
    • [Getting started](docs/spring-boot-integration/getting-started.md)
    • [Annotations](docs/spring-boot-integration/annotations.md)