Programming language: Kotlin
License: Apache License 2.0
Tags: Tests    
Latest version: v1.8.0.1

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Hamkrest - Hamcrest for Kotlin

An implementation of Hamcrest to take advantage of Kotlin language features.

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Note: as of version, you must add kotlin-reflect to the classpath to use Hamkrest's reflective features.

Getting Started

Add Hamkrest as a dependency of your project. Hamkrest is distributed via Maven Central.

Import matchers from com.natpryce.hamkrest. E.g. a quick way to get started is to import com.natpryce.hamkrest.* and then use IntelliJ to optimise imports when you're done.

If you're using Hamkrest for assertions, import com.natpryce.hamkrest.assertion.assertThat

Now you can make assertions about values using matchers:

assertThat(thisName, equalTo("Alice"))
assertThat(thatName, equalTo("Bob"))

... and so forth

More Information

  • [Matching numbers](docs/numbers.md)
  • [Composing matchers](docs/compose.md)
  • [Using function and method references as Matchers](docs/function-references.md)
  • [How Hamkrest describes values, and how you can plug in your own descriptions](docs/describe.md)
  • [Hamkrest's version numbers explained](docs/version-numbering.md)