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  • v3.285.2 Changes

    • โœ… http4k-testing-servirtium : Fixed #553 - Servirtium storage fix for multi-line bodies.
    • ๐Ÿ”’ http4k-security-oauth : Fixed #552 - AccessTokenFetcher initializes all AccessToken fields. H/T @@paraseba
  • v3.285.1 Changes

    • http4k-format-moshi : Undo change relating to reading Moshi body lenses from HTTP message streams.
  • v3.285.0 Changes

    • http4k-* : Upgrade some dependency versions, including Jetty to v10.
    • *http4k-server-jetty : [Unlikely API break] Caused by Jetty API change.
    • *http4k-core : Renamed AutoJsonEvents to AutoMarshallingEvents
    • *http4k-serverless-lambda : [Unlikely API break] Remove dependency on AWS Events JAR. We now use a Map instead. This will only affect you if you needed access to the raw ApiGateway events.
  • v3.284.0 Changes

    • http4k-* : Upgrade some dependency versions.
    • โœ… http4k-testing-servirtium : ServirtiumServer now only changes the base Url of proxied requests instead of the entire path.
  • v3.283.1 Changes

    • http4k-core : Fix handling of null status descriptions. H/T @Hakky54 for report and fix.
    • http4k-contract : Fix #536 (again) - Path encoding fixed using lens. H/T @usand for the report and sticking with it!
  • v3.283.0 Changes

    • http4k-* : Upgrade some dependency versions.
    • http4k-core : Fix #536 - Path encoding fixed using lens.
    • http4k-core : Support multiple, nested RequestContexts.
    • http4k-format-moshi : Add support for (de)serialising Unit.
    • ๐Ÿ”’ http4k-security-oauth : Ability to provide custom RedirectionUriBuilder for non-JWT cases.
    • โœ… http4k-testing-chaos : Ability to name Chaos API in OpenApi document.
    • http4k-opentelemetry : Breaking (dependency change) Upgrade to new 0.12.0 of OpenTelemetry Java API has caused some API changes.
    • http4k-format-jackson : Breaking (dependency change) Upgrade to new version of Jackson. PropertyNamingStrategies will need to be replaced as old one could cause deadlock:
    • http4k-format-jackson-xml : Breaking We recommend that users of this lib DO NOT UPGRADE to this release due to open bug with nullable fields. See: . There is a workaround which is to add default values into the nullable fields in your DTO classes. eg. kotlin data class MyDto(val field: String? = null)
  • v3.282.0 Changes

    • http4k-serverless-* : Tidy implementations to be consistent.
    • โœ… http4k-testing-webdriver-* : Fixed radio buttons submitting even when not selected.
  • v3.281.0 Changes

    • http4k-* : Upgrade some dependency versions.
    • http4k-* : Rework build to use refreshSrcVersions. Massive thanks to @jmfayard
    • http4k-serverless-lambda* : Fix cookie handling in V2 Lambda adapter.
  • v3.280.0 Changes

    • http4k-* : Upgrade some dependency versions.
    • http4k-format-klaxon : New format module for the lightweight Kotlin JSON library.
  • v3.279.0 Changes

    November 28, 2020

    ๐Ÿ”„ Changelog:

    • http4k- * : Upgrade some dependency versions, including Kotlin to 1.4.20
    • http4k-core : Adding routing description to RouterMatch. Simplify Routing logic to remove duplication.
    • http4k-core : [Breaking from Java] Improved API for Java clients for Request and Response. To fix, just replace Request.Companion.create() with Request.create()
    • http4k-format- * : Add ability to override content type for auto-marshalling for JSON .
    • http4k-aws- * : Fix AwsSdkClient to correctly pass body.