jtransc v0.6.2 Release Notes

Release Date: 2017-05-31 // over 4 years ago
  • Optimizations:

    🛠 Fixes:

    • 🛠 [ALL] Fixed a bug in treeshaking creating extra methods that broke super functionality and makes code bigger
    • 🛠 [HAXE] Fixed indentation of the output classes
    • 🛠 [HAXE] Fixed haxe division + remainder (both integer and long, at least in C++ with edge cases)
    • 🏁 [HAXE] Fixed being able to execute c++ executables directly (at least in windows)
    • 🛠 [HAXE] Fixed com.jtransc.FastMemory in haxe-cpp
    • 📚 [ALL] Some static init fixes + documentation about static initialization issues
    • 🛠 [HAXE-CPP] @SergeyLabutin Fixed StringBuilder with unicode characters in Haxe-C++
    • ✅ [PHP] Some PHP issues. Still not passing big test and extremely slow due to lack of typed arrays
    • [ALL] Fix static initialization problem with charsets (static initialization + ServiceLoader a bit tricky)
    • [ALL] @SergeyLabutin TimeUnit.convert fix

    🆕 New features:

    • [ALL] @SergeyLabutin: Implemented ThreadPoolExecutor
    • ⏱ [ALL] @SergeyLabutin: Implemented ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor
    • [DART] Allow add extra imports externally

    🔄 Changes:

    • [ALL] Passthru target compiler output
    • [CPP] Allow setting GC roots manually by the GC implementation
    • [CPP] Embed bdwgc.zip to ensure we have the library and the right format and version.
    • 🔧 [CPP] Configurable GC
    • [ALL] Changed ZIP reader to be consistent between platforms/Java VMs
    • 📚 [TIZEN] Remove from documentation since not supported by Lime anymore


    • ⚡️ [JS] Do not use float to avoid issues with Closure Optimizer
    • ♻️ [JS] Some refactorings
    • [GITTER] Unified chat slack/irc -> gitter
    • [TRAVIS] Reduce mono dependencies
    • [TRAVIS] Disabled travis cache