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License: MIT License
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Kiwi: Fluent assertions for Kotlin projects

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Kiwi is multiplatform projects written in pure Kotlin. Except testing it does not use external dependencies


Kiwi is available in SNAPSHOT repository for now

repositories {
    maven {
        url "https://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/snapshots"

dependencies {
    testImplementation 'org.fromsource:kiwi-core-jvm:0.0.2-SNAPSHOT'

Kiwi, Hello World!

Below snippet demonstrates usage of Kiwi assertions for standard type like String

    fun `should say hallo to kiwi()` {
        "Kiwi, Hello World!".should startWith "Kiwi" contain "Hello" endWith "!"


Kiwi supports List, Set and Map

    fun `should combine operator in infix chain`() {
        val animals = listOf("kiwi", "hedgehog", "flamingo", "humpback")

        animals.should haveSize 4 contain "humpback" have1st "kiwi"


as well as Byte, Short, Int, Long, Float, Double and JVM based numbers like BigDecimal, BigNumber

    fun `should check if numer is prime`() {
        val number = 7

                .match { number -> (2 until number).all { number % it != 0} }


LocalDate and LocalDateTime

    fun `should check if date meets some conditions`() {
        val date = LocalDate.of(2020, 11, 14)


Custom type

... even custom types are supported

    data class Animal(val name: String, val weight: Int, val mammal: Boolean) {
       fun heavy(): Boolean = weight > 10

    val kiwi     = Animal(name = "kiwi", weight = 1, mammal = true)
    val hedgehog = Animal(name = "hedgehog", weight = 2, mammal = true)
    val flamingo = Animal(name = "flamingo", weight = 5, mammal = false)
    val humpback = Animal(name = "humpback", weight = 5000, mammal = true)

    fun `should apply collection operators for list of custom object`() {

        val animals = listOf(kiwi, hedgehog, flamingo, humpback)

                .beSorted { it.weight }
                .filtered { animal -> animal.mammal }
                .matchAny { animal -> animal.heavy() }



If you need json path Kiwi will work too. See Roadmap & Future for more details

    fun `should select json paths for json string`() {
        val json = """{
            "kiwi": "kotlin assertion library",
            "github": {
                "developers": ["john", "ben"]

                .haveJsonPath("$.kiwi", """"kotlin assertion library"""")
                .haveJsonPath("$..developers", """["john", "ben"]""")
                .haveJsonPath("$..developers[0]", """"john"""")

Mix of the operators

Last but not least you can mix all together Different types of operators e.g. Collection, String, Numbers can be used fluently

    fun `should mix different types of operators`() {

        val animals = listOf(kiwi, hedgehog, flamingo, humpback)

                .contain(hedgehog)                              // Collection operator
                .last().name                                    // extract
                .match(Regex("[a-z]+"))                         // String operator


Run command below

$ git clone [email protected]/from-source/kiwi.git
$ cd kiwi/
$ ./gradlew clean build

Roadmap & Future

JsonPath evaluation - in progress

Take a look at the JsonPathAcceptanceTest to see which json path selectors are available

    fun `should select first book in the store`() {
        val json =  """{ 
            "store": {
                "details": {
                    "name": "Books & Books"
                "books": [
                    "category": "science",
                    "author": "Douglas Hofstadter",
                    "title": "I Am a Strange Loop",
                    "price": 8.95
                    "category": "science fiction",
                    "author": "Stanislaw Lem",
                    "title": "Solaris",
                    "isbn": "978-0156027601",
                    "price": 10.99,
                    "details": "Published in 1961"

                .haveJsonPath("$.store.details")                                // check if path exists
                .haveJsonPath("$..books[1].category", "science fiction")        // check value of path
                .haveJsonPath("$..books[0]", """{                              
                    "category": "science",
                    "author": "Douglas Hofstadter",
                    "title": "I Am a Strange Loop",
                    "price": 8.95


Support for more Kotlin types

Sponsored by JetBrains

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the kiwi README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.