kotlinx.coroutines v1.3.0-rc2 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-08-09 // 10 months ago
  • Flow improvements

    💻 Operators for UI programming are reworked for the sake of consistency, naming scheme for operator overloads is introduced:

    • combineLatest is deprecated in the favor of combine.
    • combineTransform operator for non-trivial transformations (#1224).
    • Top-level combine and combineTransform overloads for multiple flows (#1262).
    • switchMap is deprecated. flatMapLatest, mapLatest and transformLatest are introduced instead (#1335).

    - collectLatest terminal operator (#1269).

    👌 Improved cancellation support in flattenMerge (#1392).

    channelFlow cancellation does not leak to the parent (#1334).

    🛠 Fixed flow invariant enforcement for suspend fun main (#1421).

    🗄 delayEach and delayFlow are deprecated (#1429).

    General changes

    Integration with Reactor context

    • Propagation of the coroutine context of await calls into Mono/Flux builder.
    • Publisher.asFlow propagates coroutine context from collect call to the Publisher.

    - New Flow.asFlux builder.

    ServiceLoader-code is adjusted to avoid I/O on the Main thread on newer (3.6.0+) Android toolchain.

    🏗 Stacktrace recovery support for minified builds on Android (#1416).

    ⚡️ Guava version in kotlinx-coroutines-guava updated to 28.0.

    setTimeout-based JS dispatcher for platforms where process is unavailable (#1404).

    Native, JS and common modules are added to kotlinx-coroutines-bom.

    🛠 Fixed bug with ignored acquiredPermits in Semaphore (#1423).