kotlinx.serialization v0.12.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-08-23 // almost 3 years ago
    • Set up linuxArm32Hfp target (#535)
    • wasm32 is added as a build target (#518)
    • MPP (JVM & Native) serializer resolving from KType (via typeOf()/serializer() function)
    • Support maps and objects decoding when map size present in stream (fix #517)
    • Add proper SerialClassDescImpl.toString
    • Make JSON parser much more stricter; e.g. Prohibit all excessive separators in objects and maps
    • Robust JsonArray parsing
    • Improve json exceptions, add more contextual information, get rid of obsolete exception types
    • Prohibit trailing commas in JSON parser
    • Make the baseclass of the polymorphic serializer public to allow formats (#520)
    • Fix decoding for ProtoBuf when there are missing properties in the model. (#506)
    • Rework JsonException and related subclasses
    • Fix #480 (deserialization of complex map keys). Add tests for structured map keys in conjuction with polymorphism
    • Implement 'allowStructuredMapKeys' flag. Now this flag is required for serializing into JSON maps which keys are not primitive.