kotlinx.serialization v0.20.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-03-04 // over 2 years ago
  • ๐Ÿš€ Release notes

    ๐Ÿš€ 0.20.0 release is focused on giving a library its final and stable API shape.

    We have carefully evaluated every public declaration and ๐Ÿ—„ decided whether it should be publicly available. As a result, some declarations were deprecated with an intention of removing them from public API because they are going to be replaced with others, more valuable and useful for users.

    ๐Ÿ—„ Deprecated symbols include:

    • Pre-defined JSON instances like nonStrict โ€” strictMode was split to 3 separate, more granular, flags. ๐Ÿ”ง Users are encouraged to create their own configuration;
    • Top-level serializers like IntSerializer and ArrayListSerializer. They were replaced with constructor-like factory functions.
    • SerialClassDescImpl creation class replaced with SerialDescriptor ๐Ÿ— builder function to ease writing of custom serializers and maintain SerialDescriptor contract.
    • Internal utilities, like HexConverter and ByteBuffer, were deprecated as not relevant to serialization public API.
    • Add-on formats like Protobuf, CBOR and Properties (formerly Mapper) are now extracted to [separate artifacts](formats/README.md#protobuf) to keep the core API lightweight.

    We have spent a lot of effort into the quality, documenting most of the core interfaces, establishing their contracts, ๐Ÿ›  fixing numerous of bugs, and even introducing new features that may be useful for those of you who ๐Ÿ‘€ write custom serializers โ€” see [JsonTransformingSerializer](docs/json_transformations.md).

    ๐Ÿ”Œ Such API changes, of course, may be not backwards-compatible in some places, in particular, between compiler plugin and runtime. Given that the library is still is in the experimental phase, we took the liberty to introduce breaking changes in order to give users ๐Ÿš€ the better, more convenient API. Therefore, this release has number 0.20.0 instead of 0.15.0; Kotlin 1.3.70 is compatible only with this release.

    To migrate:

    1. Replace import kotlinx.serialization.internal.* with import kotlinx.serialization.builtins.*. This action is sufficient for most of the cases, except primitive serializers โ€” instead of using IntSerializer, use Int.serializer(). For other object-like declarations, you may need to transform it to function call: ByteArraySerializer => ByteArraySerializer().

    2. Pay attention to the changed JsonConfiguration constructor arguments: instead of strictMode, now three different flags are available: ignoreUnknownKeys, isLenient, and serializeSpecialFloatingPointValues.

    3. If you used formats other than JSON, make sure you've included the corresponding artifact as dependency, ๐Ÿ‘€ because now they're located outside of core module. See [formats list](formats/README.md) for particular artifact coordinates.

    ๐Ÿ—„ 4. Other corresponding deprecation replacements are available via standard @Deprecated(replaceWith=..) mechanism. (use Alt+Enter for quickfix replacing).

    Full changelog (by commit):

    • This release is compatible with Kotlin 1.3.70
    • Rework polymorphic descriptors: polymorphic and sealed descriptor elements are now aligned with an actual serialization process (#731)
    • Hide internal collection and map serializers
    • Introduce factories for ArraySerializers as well, deprecate top-level array serializers
    • Extract ElementValue encoder and decoder to builtins and rename it to AbstractEncoder and AbstractDecoder respectively
    • Hide as much internal API as possible for collections. Now ListSerializer(), etc factories should be used
    • Replace top-level primitive serializers with corresponding companion functions from builtins
    • Move Tagged.kt to internal package
    • Hide tuple serializers from the public usages and replace them with factory methods in builtins package
    • Deprecate top-level format instances, leave only companion objects
    • Document contracts for JsonInput/JsonOutput (#715)
    • Ensure that serialization exception is thrown from JSON parser on invalid inputs (#704)
    • Do best-effort input/output attach to exceptions to simplify debugging
    • JSON configuration rework: strictMode is splitted into three flags.
    • Make strictMode even more restrictive, prohibit unquoted keys and values by default, always use strict boolean parser (#498, #467)
    • Preserve quotation information during JsonLiteral parsing (#536, #537)
    • Change MapEntrySerializer.descriptor to be truly map-like. Otherwise, it cannot be properly serialized by TaggedDecoder (-> to JsonObject)
    • Cleanup ConfigParser: move to proper package to be consistent with other formats
    • Support primitive and reference arrays in serializer(KType)
    • Add option to use HOCON naming convention
    • Allow DynamicObjectParser to handle polymorphic types (array-mode polymorphism only)
    • Get rid of PrimitiveKind.UNIT and corresponding encoder methods. Now UNIT encoded as regular object.
    • JsonParametricSerializer and JsonTransformingSerializer implementation
    • Remove AbstractSerialFormat superclass since it is useless
    • Deprecate most of the functions intended for internal use
    • Document core kotlinx.serialization.* package
    • Introduce UnionKind.CONTEXTUAL to cover Polymorphic/Contextual serializers, get rid of elementsCount in builders
    • SerialDescriptor for enums rework: now each enum member has object kind
    • Introduce DSL for creating user-defined serial descriptors
    • Update README with Gradle Kotlin DSL (#638)
    • Fix infinite recursion in EnumDescriptor.hashCode() (#666)
    • Allow duplicating serializers during SerialModule concatenation if they are equal (#616)
    • Rework sealed class discriminator check to reduce the footprint of the check when no JSON is used
    • Detect collisions with class discriminator and for equal serial names within the same sealed class hierarchy (#457)
    • Detect name conflicts in polymorphic serialization during setup phase (#461, #457, #589)
    • Extract all mutable state in modules package to SerialModuleBuilder to have a single mutable point and to ensure that SerialModule can never be modified
    • Omit nulls in Properties.store instead of throwing an exception
    • Add optionals handling to Properties reader (#460, #79)
    • Support StructureKind.MAP in Properties correctly (#406)
    • Move Mapper to separate 'properties' module and rename it to Properties
    • Reified extensions for registering serializers in SerialModule (#671, #669)
    • Promote KSerializer.nullable to public API
    • Object serializer support in KType and Type based serializer lookups on JVM (#656)
    • Deprecate HexConverter
    • Supply correct child descriptors for Pair and Triple
    • Rename SerialId to ProtoId to better reflect its semantics
    • Support of custom generic classes in typeOf()/serializer() API (except JS)
    • Allow setting ProtoBuf.shouldEncodeElementDefault to false (#397, #71)
    • Add Linux ARM 32 and 64 bit targets
    • Reduce number of internal dependencies: deprecate IOException, mark IS/OS as internal serialization API (so it can be removed in the future release)
    • Reduce number of internal dependencies and use bitwise operations in ProtoBuf/Cbor instead of ByteBuffer. Deprecate ByteBuffer for removal
    • Extract ProtoBuf & CBOR format to the separate module
    • READ_ALL rework (#600)
    • SerialDescriptor API standartization (#626, #361, #410)
    • Support polymorphism in CBOR correctly (fixes #620)
    • Add forgotten during migration WASM32 target (#625)
    • Fix exception messages & typos in JsonElement (#621)