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Notepad++ extension

Awesome Kotlin Badge

Some languages' highlight config in Notepad++.


Hope this tool will help you. :smile:

Contribution is always welcomed. Just find what you want in the corresponding named files.

How to use

Import the languages

  • Open your Notepad++, and select "Language" on the menu bar, and choose "Define your language".
  • Press the "Import" button, and select the configuration xml file in this project.
    • Please select the xml files ending with -light.xml, others are for dark theme only
    • If there isn't a light version of some languages, open an issue please
    • For instance, if you want to use Kotlin support, choose [kt-light.xml](./languages/kt-light.xml)
  • And restart Notepad++, then enjoy the beautiful highlighting! :smile:

(Optional) Use dark theme

You can either see this issue, or follow the steps:

  • Open your Notepad++, and select "Settings" on the menu bar, and choose "Style configurator".
  • Select theme "Obsidian" (you can choose other dark themes)
  • Go to "Global Styles" -> "Global override", click the "background color"
  • Click "more colors", and use: "red: 43, blue: 43, green: 43" (which is 0x2B2B2B)
  • Check the "Enable global background color" option.

Languages supported

Notice: for the dark version, I'm trying my best to fit IntelliJ IDEA Dracula theme. Light versions are just a find-and-replace of the dark ones.

Probably useful

  • [Kotlin.kt](./languages/kt.xml)
  • [Scala.scala](./languages/scala.xml)
  • [Markdown.md](./DSLs/md.xml)
  • [Lice.lice](./languages/lice.xml)
  • [Gradle.gradle](./DSLs/gradle.xml)
  • [Cm.cm](./languages/cm.xml)
  • [Zig.zig](./languages/zig.xml)


  • [Rust.rs](./languages/rs.xml)


Probably useless

  • [Makefile.make](./DSLs/make.xml)
  • [Solution.sln](./DSLs/sln.xml)
  • [My own backend DSL.txt](./DSLs/txt.xml)