orx v0.3.52-rc.2 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-05-30 // about 24 hours ago

Previous changes from v0.3.51

  • Demos

    ➕ Add screenshot generation

    👉 Tweak orx-gui demos to produce better screenshots

    ➕ Add demo for orx-panel

    ➕ Add DemoNearestNeighbour01.kt for orx-kdtree

    ➕ Add DemoNoClear.kt

    ➕ Add demos for orx-runway

    ➕ Add demos to orx-mesh-generators

    ➕ add demos to README.md

    ➕ Add orx-syphon example for a receiving frames from a specific server

    ➕ Add orx-shade-styles demo

    ➕ Add a demo for orx-gui

    ➕ Add Horizontal Layout Panel demo

    ➕ Add missing orx-runway demo resources

    ➕ Add WatchDiv demo

    🛠 Fix demo link layouts

    ➕ Add screenshot code to olive scriptless demo

    🛠 Fix DemoShapeSDF04 and DemoShapeSDF05

    🛠 Fix DemoStraightSkeleton01.kt

    ➕ Add screenshot block to DemoWatchDiv01

    Rabbit control

    ➕ Add orx-rabbit-control

    ➕ Add optional QR-code overlay for orx-rabbit-control

    👌 improve orx-rabbit-control such that writing the QR code to a file is no longer necessary

    serve orx-rabbit-control locally using Ktor


    ➕ Add SDFBlend filter to orx-jumpflood

    ➕ Add skeleton filters to orx-jumpflood

    📚 Documentation

    ➕ Add generated screenshots

    ➕ Add extra testing to generate-screenshots.yml

    Attempt to generate screenshots in actions

    🛠 Fix task dependency for collectScreenshots

    🚚 Move generated screenshots to orphane media branch

    ⚡️ Update generate-screenshots.yml

    📚 Update documentation Closes #78

    ⚡️ Update README.md


    ➕ Add README.md generator

    🔄 Change auth settings

    🔄 Change default script file to one based on stackRootClassName

    🔄 Change exception handler

    🔄 Change order of actions

    Create pick-me.yml

    🛠 Fix m2 repository path

    ✂ Remove -a from xvfb-run invoke

    ✂ Remove package from script generator

    🔌 Replace gradle bintray plugin with curl in action

    🛠 Fix git add pathspec

    ➕ Add action to commit README.md files to master

    ➕ Add conditionals to git invokes

    ➕ Add release-to-bintray workflow

    ➕ Add git reset after orphan checkout

    🛠 Fix tag name

    ✂ Remove images from repository

    ➕ Add -a to xvfb-java.sh

    ➕ Add build-tools/xvfb-java.sh

    ⚡️ Update xvfb-java.sh

    ✂ Remove xvfb-run from gradle invoke

    ⬆️ Upgrade Kotlin, Gradle, freenect, zxing, kotlin-coroutines, OPENRNDR, add gradle-versions plugin


    ➕ Add call to Extension.shutdown on orx-olive reload

    ➕ Add OliveProgram scriptless replacement

    ➕ Add Olive.scriptLoaded event

    ➕ Add 'scriptless' mode to orx-olive

    🛠 Fix dependencies for Olive, add tests for basic scripting

    👌 Improve support for olive programs inside packages

    🆕 New and updated extensions

    ➕ Add 2d version of gradientPerturb

    ➕ Add exponent to all gradients, cleanup

    ➕ Add extra gallium settings

    ➕ Add gradientPerturb (3d version only)

    ➕ Add LaserBlur

    ➕ Add LinearGradient exponent

    ➕ Add missing easing functions to orx-keyframer

    ➕ Add opacity support to EdgesWork

    ➕ Add OptionParameter Closes #78

    ➕ add OptionParameter to lfo wave type (#90)

    ➕ Add orx-keyframer

    ➕ Add orx-time-operators with Envelope & LFO

    ➕ Add orx-timer

    ➕ Add Poisson Disk Sampling to orx-noise

    ➕ Add probability to Random.bool()

    ➕ Add Slider to Int property binding

    ➕ Add support for calculate height

    ➕ Add tab and shift-tab switching support to oxr-panel

    ➕ Add vector based noise functions

    ➕ Add VideoGlitch and TapeNoise filters

    🛠 Fix #74 gui blocking mouse events while hidden

    🛠 Fix bind functions, add WatchDiv

    🛠 Fix bug in ParserRuleContext.verbatimText

    🛠 Fix bug in Slider, uncaught exception when pressing enter on a blank input

    🛠 Fix default style for button such that it has an 'active' color

    🛠 Fix easing functions in orx-easing, add demo

    🛠 Fix glslify relative imports + inner module imports

    🛠 Fix label for OptionParameter in orx-gui

    🛠 Fix mix issues in orx-noise

    🛠 Fix orx-keyframer build task dependencies

    🛠 Fix persistence issues in orx-gui

    🛠 Fix problem after removing cast

    🛠 Fix problem in UV coord generation of plane meshes

    🛠 Fix ShapeSDF in case no distortion map is given

    🛠 Fix unary minus operators

    More gui examples (#77)

    ✂ Remove dead code and make getLuminance and getContrast public

    ✂ Remove most warnings in ORX Closes #61

    ✂ Remove print from generateScript

    ✂ Remove verbosity

    Replace lerp from orx-noise with standard mix

    Switch from fwidthFine to regular fwidth

    Trigger requestDraw when changing TextElement text (#89)

    ⚡️ Update SimplexNoise2D with correct constants Closes #64