The Most Active Kotlin libraries
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  • intellij-community

    9.9 10.0 Editors
    IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition
  • http4k

    8.6 9.7 Web
    Toolkit for serving and consuming HTTP services in a functional and consistent way.
  • Kategory

    Functional datatypes & abstractions for Kotlin.
  • mockk

    6.9 9.6 Tests
    Pure Kotlin mocking library.
  • jooby

    8.9 9.6 L3 Web
    Modular micro web framework for Java and Kotlin
  • imgui

    7.1 9.6 Graphics
    jvm port of imgui
  • data2viz

    6.0 9.5 Graphics
    multiplatform dataviz library, d3js port
  • atrium

    7.5 9.6 Tests
    Fluent assertion library for Kotlin supporting i18n
  • kotlingrad

    6.6 9.6 Science
    Shape-Safe Differentiable Programming with Algebraic Data Types.
  • ktor

    9.9 9.5 Web
    Web backend framework for Kotlin. Easy to use, fun and asynchronous.
  • detekt

    9.4 9.5 Tools
    Static code analysis for Kotlin.
  • kotlintest

    9.4 9.5 Tests
    KotlinTest is a flexible and comprehensive testing tool for the Kotlin ecosystem based on and heavily inspired by the superb Scalatest.
  • FXGL

    JavaFX 8 Game Library written in Java + Kotlin
  • ebean

    9.0 9.4 L3 Database
    Ebean is a Java & Kotlin ORM including type safe kotlin queries
  • Arrow Meta

    Functional companion to Kotlin's Compiler.
  • javalin

    9.5 9.3 Web
    A Simple REST API Library for Java/Kotlin.
  • sponge

    1.8 9.3 Web
    A website crawler and links downloader command line tool written in Kotlin
  • KotlinLanguageServer

    8.0 9.3 Editors
    Smart code completion, diagnostics and more for Kotlin using the Language Server Protocol. VS Code extension included.
  • kotlinx.coroutines

    9.9 9.2 Coroutines
    Libraries built upon Kotlin coroutines.
  • breeze-framework

    0.4 9.2 Misc
    Integrated code framework base on Kotlin, provide many useful extensions for standard library and some frameworks.
  • GraphQL Kotlin

    8.1 9.2 Web
    GraphQL schema generator
  • Exposed

    9.4 9.1 Database
    Exposed is a prototype for a lightweight SQL library written over JDBC driver for Kotlin language.
  • Hoplite

    6.1 9.1 Configuration
    A boilerplate-free library for loading configuration files as data classes in Kotlin
  • Zircon

    An extensible text GUI library which targets multiple platforms and designed specifically for game developers, written in Kotlin.
  • reactor-core

    Non-Blocking Reactive Streams Foundation for the JVM. Natively supports Kotlin, since 3.1.0.M3.
  • koin

    A functional Kotlin dependency injection framework for Android and JVM.
  • Kuantify  

    Kuantify is a physical computing / data acquisition and control library written in Kotlin.
  • vaadin-on-kotlin

    4.8 9.0 Web
    A simple way to write full-stack database-backed component-oriented web apps
  • rouge

    9.6 9.0 L5 Syntax Highlighters
    A pure-ruby code highlighter that is compatible with pygments. (wip)
  • highlight.js

    10.0 9.0 L2 Syntax Highlighters
    Javascript syntax highlighter. (out-of-date)