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  • Java Vs Kotlin: Is It Time To Switch Over? Know the Pros & Cons of Kotlin Over Java.
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  • Android apps can be officially built in Java or Kotlin. But which one is better suited for your next app? Let’s find out which is the best between Java vs Kotlin.
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  • In this article Java vs Kotlin, we will look at their Meaning, Head to Head Comparisons, Key differences, and Conclusion in a relatively easy and simple. Java is the oldest, most reputed programming language in the world of Android app development. But Kotlin has now begun to appeal to modern Android developers.
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  • Kotlin looks like Java and behaves like C, C++. It comes along with null safety feature, extension functions, smart casts, primary constructors, string templates, first-class delegation, type interface for variable property types, and singletons.
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  • If you are a newbie Android developer and a little bit confused between Kotlin vs. Java, then continue reading this blog. Herein we have compared both the programming languages based on their features and functionalities, so you can have a look at the comparison and decide which language has advanced features for Android development.
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  • Javatpoint Provides an Ultimate Kotin tutorial for Beginners and Professionals.
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