rouge v3.12.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-10-16 // 8 days ago
  • 💎 Comparison with the previous version

    • General
      • Handle Guesser::Ambiguous in Markdown context (#1349 by John Fairhurst)
      • Ensure XML lexer handles unknown DOCTYPEs (#1348 by John Fairhurst)
      • Remove note about GitHub Pages' version of Rouge (#1344 by Andrew Petz)
    • Embedded Elixir Lexer
      • Add Phoenix Live View file glob to Embedded Elixir lexer (#1347 by Maksym Verbovyi)
    • 🆕 Minizinc Lexer (NEW)
      • Add MiniZinc lexer (#1329 by Abe Voelker)

Previous changes from v3.11.1

  • ⚡️ This is a small update that provides a fix for the Perl lexer.

    🚀 As is evident from the last couple of releases, we've slowed down the pace of development over the past couple of weeks. There are still a lot of pull requests to clear but it's likely that this will happen at a slower rate than has been the case. Thanks for your patience!