6 Multiplatform libraries and projects

  • firebase-kotlin-sdk

    5.4 8.4 Kotlin
    A Kotlin-first Multiplatform SDK for Firebase supporting iOS, Android & Web
  • kotlin-multiplatform-bignum

    4.7 7.9 Kotlin
    Pure kotlin multiplatform arbitrary precision arithmetic library.
  • NoCopy Compiler Plugin

    4.1 8.7 Kotlin
    A Kotlin compiler plugin that removes the `copy` method from data classes and enables using them as value-based classes.
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  • TelegramBotAPI

    2.3 9.4 Kotlin
    Object-oriented strong-typed library for work with Telegram Bot API

    0.9 8.0 Kotlin
    MQTT Broker library/executables for Kotlin multiplatform.
  • krontab

    0.5 7.0 Kotlin
    Crontab-like Kotlin Coroutines launching scheduler

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