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Appwrite is an open source backend server that helps you build native iOS applications much faster with realtime APIs for authentication, databases, files storage, cloud functions and much more!

kotlin-faker Generate realistically looking fake data such as names, addresses, banking details, and many more, that can be used for testing and data anonymization purposes.
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Android β€” Infinite Auto-Scroll with Jetpack compose

Wanna learn infinite Auto-Scroll using Jetpack compose?

Here's the article with step by step guide to implement infinite auto-scroll.
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Multiplatform Date and time library for Kotlin
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πŸ€– A wrapper for the Telegram Bot API written in Kotlin
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Convert View Model to Use Hilt Dependency Injection

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Generate unit testing boilerplate from kotlin files.
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Awesome Kotlin Weekly Β» 242

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  • Velocity Based Animation with Compose
  • A new episode of Talking Kotlin is on its way! πŸŽ₯ This time, we chat with Alexey Soshin about β€œKotlin Design Patterns and Best Practices,” his recently released book. πŸ“š Premiering TODAY on Kotlin by JetBrains! Join us to get 25% off the book! πŸ‘‡

How to Configure JitPack for Recent JDK Versions

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Pi4J Kotlin bindings for the Raspberry Pi GPIO.
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Kotlin API for Lets-Plot - an open-source plotting library for statistical data.
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Collection processing in Kotlin: Finding, counting, and checking conditions

Let's learn about finding elements, counting those that fulfil a predicate, or checking predicates for all elements.

The fifth part of the collection processing article series written by Marcin Moskala.
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Velocity Based Animation with Compose

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A Kotlin multiplatform library for arbitrary precision arithmetics
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mutekt: Simplify mutating "immutable" state models

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Kotlin 1.7.20-Beta Released

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A REST request routing layer for AWS lambda handlers written in Kotlin
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Easy to use and concise yet powerful and robust command line argument parsing for Kotlin
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An opinionated, Kotlin-first web framework that helps you write fast, concise, and correct backend services πŸš€.
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Function references

How do we reference functions in Kotlin, to replace lambda expressions. Learn about all functions, including constructors, getters, extensions and more from the article written by Marcin Moskala.
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Pure Kotlin CSV Reader/Writer
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Awesome Kotlin Weekly Β» 241

Top Stories
  • KotlinConf returns to Amsterdam in April 2023!
  • Strings, Please! Eliminating Data Leaks Caused by Kotlin Assertions
  • Kotlin Snapshot Testing Library


A {K}otlin g{ra}mmar for data {vis}ualization
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Snapshot testing in Android and Kotlin

Introduction to Snapshot testing including a library that makes Snapshot testing even easier.
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Kotlin Snapshot Testing Library

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Strings, Please! Eliminating Data Leaks Caused by Kotlin Assertions

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Minimalistic and multiplatform logging for Kotlin
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