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Log4j Bug – Slows down your app

Article Popular Story // blog.fastthread.io

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Awesome Kotlin Newsletter » 161

Top Stories
  • 7 common mistakes you might be making when using Kotlin Coroutines
  • A Kotlin Retrospective
  • Best practices: JVM memory arguments for Containers

Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.
Promoted scoutapm.com

http4k v4 released: 17 platforms and counting...

Article Popular Story // www.http4k.org

A Kotlin Retrospective

Article Popular Story // niels.nu

Best practices: JVM memory arguments for Containers

Article Popular Story // blog.gceasy.io

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Better gradle.kts editing performance | gradle 6.8 released

Update Popular Story // docs.gradle.org

7 common mistakes you might be making when using Kotlin Coroutines

Article Popular Story // www.lukaslechner.com

Build Your First App Using Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile(KMM)

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile allows you to share the same business logic code in cross-platform development without repeatedly coding for other platforms. Here is how you can build your first app using KMM.
Article Added by: ZealousWeb // www.zealousweb.com

Why Should You Start Android App Development With Kotlin?

Kotlin was introduced to overcome the creative limitations of JAVA and has broken the barriers of every developer's expectations. Its popularity rose after Google stated that KOTLIN is one of its official programming languages.
Article Added by: ZealousWeb // www.zealousweb.com

Awesome Kotlin Newsletter » 160

Top Stories
  • Coroutines Job Structures
  • 5 Steps for Designing your REST APIs
  • Cooking Tasty code in Kotlin — Part 2

The Developers' Bakery Podcast - Danger with Franco Meloni

Let’s kickoff 2021 with a great open-source tool: danger ⚠️! Danger’s motto is Stop saying “You forgot to…” in code review and it definitely delivers greatly on promises. With Danger, you can automatize recurrent and tedious tasks that affect your pull-requests.

Today, we have Franco Meloni on stage, one of the maintainer of danger/swift & danger/kotlin that will tell us the recipe for a friction-less pull code-review process.

Enjoy the show 👨‍🍳
Article Added by: cortinico // thebakery.dev

kotlin-latex-listing vs linguist

Popular comparison
  • kotlin-latex-listing - A syntax highlighting template for the Kotlin language in LaTeX listings.
  • linguist - For Ruby/Github, uses Sublime package

Coroutines Job Structures

Article Popular Story // codingwithmohit.com

KorGE vs ktx

Popular comparison
  • KorGE - Modern Multiplatform Game Engine for Kotlin. Write games for the JVM, JavaScript, Android and iOS in no time using Kotlin.
  • ktx - Kotlin utilities for LibGDX applications.

Cooking Tasty code in Kotlin — Part 2

Article Popular Story // medium.com

Awesome Kotlin Newsletter » 159

Top Stories
  • Kotlin Christmas 2020
  • Custom Beatsaber interpreter written in Kotlin on an android car headunit
  • Writing Your Second Kotlin Compiler Plugin, Part 6 — Support Libraries, Publishing, and Integration Testing

Make a Music Player in Kotlin and Android Studio

Article Popular Story // youtu.be

High order functions, how, why and what not to do.

Article Popular Story // www.funkymuse.dev

Kotlin Christmas 2020

Article Popular Story // kotlin.christmas

ktlint vs detekt

Popular comparison
  • ktlint - Kotlin linter.
  • detekt - Static code analysis for Kotlin.

better-parse vs kotlinx.atomicfu

Popular comparison
  • better-parse - A nice parser combinator library for Kotlin
  • kotlinx.atomicfu - The idiomatic way to use atomic operations in Kotlin.