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Joda Time Extensions in Kotlin. (From Java 8 use java.time instead)
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Full-feature HTTP DSL Framework, HTTP Client, JDBC DSL, Loading Cache and Configuration
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ktlint vs detekt

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  • ktlint - Kotlin linter.
  • detekt - Static code analysis for Kotlin.

KGraphQL vs javalin

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  • KGraphQL - A GraphQL implementation written in Kotlin
  • javalin - A Simple REST API Library for Java/Kotlin.

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Kotlin Language extension for Notepad++
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OpenVR binding
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Litho Kotlin

Kotlin DSL for Litho ComponentLayout Builders.
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Typical Kotlin - a lengthy tour of Kotlin's type system

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g-truck glm port, opengl mathematics library
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  • Kotlin 1.3 RC is Here: Migrate Your Coroutines!
  • Gradle Kotlin DSL - First impressions
  • Kotlin and the rise of Multiplatform

Kotlin 1.3 RC is Here: Migrate Your Coroutines!

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expekt vs Kluent

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  • expekt - BDD assertion library for Kotlin.
  • Kluent - Fluent Assertion-Library for Kotlin.


Precondition error checking in kotlin.
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kotlintest vs spek

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  • kotlintest - KotlinTest is a flexible and comprehensive testing tool for the Kotlin ecosystem based on and heavily inspired by the superb Scalatest.
  • spek - A specification framework for Kotlin.

hamkrest vs Kluent

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  • hamkrest - A reimplementation of Hamcrest to take advantage of Kotlin language features.
  • Kluent - Fluent Assertion-Library for Kotlin.

Mobile App Bug Reporting Best Practices

Bug reporting is a vital a part of any mobile app development process and can easily be managed by following these mobile app bug reporting best practices.
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Kotlin and the rise of Multiplatform

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Building a Kotlin Back-End in 15 minutes

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Gradle Kotlin DSL - First impressions

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A Result monad for modelling success or failure operations
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koin vs Kodein

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  • koin - A functional Kotlin dependency injection framework for Android and JVM.
  • Kodein - Painless Kotlin Dependency Injection .

Image Processing in Kotlin

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A pure-ruby code highlighter that is compatible with pygments. (wip)
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http4k vs ktor

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  • http4k - Toolkit for serving and consuming HTTP services in a functional and consistent way.
  • ktor - Web backend framework for Kotlin. Easy to use, fun and asynchronous.


Modern SQL based query & persistence for Java/Kotlin/Android.
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Kotlin 1.2.70 released

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Kotlin Multiplatform IRL: running the same code on iOS and Android

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FXGL vs ktx

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  • FXGL - JavaFX 8 Game Library written in Java + Kotlin
  • ktx - Kotlin utilities for LibGDX applications.