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kotlinx-datetime 0.2.0 Is Out

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  • Jetpack Compose for Non UI - Tree construction and source code generation
  • Kotlin 1.5 Online Event
  • Kotlin, the top app programming language for building Android apps, gains a bunch of new features.


Headless Chrome DevTools Protocol Client (RxJava3 + Kotlin)
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Talking Kotlin: Contributing to the Kotlin Compiler

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GraphQL toolkit for Kotlin.
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Kotlin Value Classes

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Kotlin 1.5 Online Event

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Preparing your IDE for GraphQL

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A Kotlin-first SDK for Firebase
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Kotlin Properties & Custom Accessors

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🗝️ Dotenv is a module that loads environment variables from a .env file
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Data modifier is a powerful tool 💪

If you want to learn how it works, what are its perils and dangers, read the article written by Marcin Moskała ➡️ "Use the data modifier to represent a bundle of data".
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Foot Marksmanship With runBlocking

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Kotlin Value class - new kid in town?

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Easily build reactive web-apps in Kotlin based on flows and coroutines.
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Korio: Kotlin cORoutines I/O : Virtual File System + Async/Sync Streams + Async TCP Client/Server + WebSockets for Multiplatform Kotlin 1.3
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Type-safe library for work with Telegram Bot API
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Awesome Kotlin Weekly » 177

Top Stories
  • At DoorDash we are one of the largest adopters of Kotlin as a backend language.
  • Technology Preview: Jetpack Compose for Web
  • How Sequence works under the hood

Large or small heap size

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An Android, JavaFx, JS multiplatform datavisualization library with comprehensive DSL
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New Standard Library Features in Kotlin 1.5.0

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Kotlin 1.5.0 – the First Big Release of 2021

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Functional companion to Kotlin's Compiler
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