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Get real-time insights from all types of time series data with InfluxDB. Ingest, query, and analyze billions of data points in real-time with unbounded cardinality.


RETIRED. Provides extension functions and features for smooth development with Bootique and Kotlin.
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  • Ktor vs. Spring Boot: 5 Key Differences for Kotlin Devs
  • Which Map Transformation Should I Use? (Kotlin)
  • Java Reflection for Kotlin Magic



Scripting enhancements for Kotlin
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A Kotlin-based testing/scraping/parsing library providing the ability to analyze and extract data from HTML (server & client-side rendered). It places particular emphasis on ease of use and a high level of readability by providing an intuitive DSL. It aims to be a testing lib, but can also be used to scrape websites in a convenient fashion.
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tinylog is a lightweight logging framework for Java, Kotlin, Scala, and Android
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Which Map Transformation Should I Use? (Kotlin)

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Firefly is an asynchronous web framework for rapid development of high-performance web application.
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Job and children awaiting in Kotlin Coroutines

Discover why `Job` is crucial in Kotlin Coroutines!

Understand its role in managing states, lifecycle, and synchronization.
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Kotlin port of RandomGen
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Android + Kotlin + Github Actions + ktlint + Detekt + Gradle Kotlin DSL + buildSrc = ❤️
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Java Reflection for Kotlin Magic

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The modular web framework for Java and Kotlin
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Awesome Kotlin Weekly » 343

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  • Maven Central introduces Rate Limits to prevent Tragedy of the Commons
  • Video: Kotlin Code Reuse - Composing like you're Inheriting
  • Introduction to Pact Flow

Stacked Cards Layout With Compose - And Cats

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An Android, JavaFx, JS multiplatform datavisualization library with comprehensive DSL
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Video: Kotlin Code Reuse - Composing like you're Inheriting

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Ebean ORM
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Generate unit testing boilerplate from kotlin files.
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Kotlin kernel for Jupyter/IPython
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Item 30: Define contracts with documentation

Learn why defining contracts with documentation is crucial. Dive into the article by Marcin Moskala and elevate your Kotlin knowledge now!
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A multiplatform WebGPU 2D game framework written in Kotlin. Build your own game engine on top.
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Library for using Crontab-like syntax in scheduling of some Kotlin Coroutines tasks to do from time to time
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Kotlin and Java Dynamic Proxies

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A type-safe implementation for collections that cannot be empty. Life is too short for emptiness-checks!
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Awesome Kotlin Weekly » 342

Top Stories
  • Coroutine Essentials - Kotlin Illustrated Guide, Chapter 20
  • Event-driven architecture on the modern stack of Java technologies
  • Refactoring to the Repository Pattern


Object oriented web framework for Kotlin/JS
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Dynamic watermarking on the JVM

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