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Kotlin 1.8.0 beta introduces experimental functions

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Provides extension functions and features for smooth development with Bootique and Kotlin.
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Simplest Most Powerful Testing Framework For Kotlin
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Samples of Using KMMBridge

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A multiplatform assertion library for Kotlin
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Kotlin Coroutines use cases for Presentation/API/UI Layer

Marcin moskała explains how we use Kotlin Coroutines in the Presentation/API/UI Layer Layer, how we create scope, and start coroutines.
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Take Part in Advent of Code 2022 in Kotlin and Win Prizes!

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KMongo - a Kotlin toolkit for Mongo
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A birds-eye view of Arrow: working with function with Arrow Core

Learn about essential Arrow functions used for composition, memoization, recursion, and functions generation. 🏹
Read the special chapter of the Functional Kotlin book written by Alejandro Serrano Mena.
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Writing full-stack statically-typed web apps on JVM at its simplest
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A few Kotlin constructs

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Companion to Kotlin standard library
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OPENRNDR. A Kotlin/JVM library for creative coding, real-time and interactive graphics
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A Kotlin-first SDK for Firebase
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Awesome Kotlin Weekly » 258

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Easily build reactive web-apps in Kotlin based on flows and coroutines.
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Kotlin Coroutines use cases for Domain Layer

How do we use Kotlin Coroutines in the Domain Layer?
Read the article by Marcin Moskała, the author of the Kotlin Coroutines book and trainer.
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A utility to make Kotlin/Java tests random yet reproducible
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Arrow Meta

Functional companion to Kotlin's Compiler
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How We Sped Up Zipline Hot Reload

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Idiomatic Collections with Kotlin

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Vert.x for Kotlin
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Gradle Version Catalogs

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