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Jetpack Compose: MVVM state management in a simple way

We all want to simplify state management. Be it a life or application or a screen, limiting mutable states that a component can be in, benefits everyone.
In this blog post, you will learn how to manage all the states of a screen using only one state variable.
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A Multiplatform Kotlin SVG image DSL.
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Apollo Kotlin - getting started with GraphQL on Android

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Smartype by mParticle

Json Schema as code, autocomplete for your data model!
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Kotlin compiler plugin to hide secret data
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Flow Building

Every flow needs to start somewhere.

So, let's explore all the different flow builders in the article written by Marcin Moskala.
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Lightweight library allowing to introspect basic stuff about Kotlin symbols
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A {K}otlin g{ra}mmar for data {vis}ualization
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Kotlin extension library wrapping java.time API
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PrimeCalendar provides all of the java.util.Calendar functionalities for Persian, Hijri, and ... dates. It is also possible to convert dates to each other.
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Android Mirroring Tool : Release ScrcpyHub v1.4.0

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Snapshot Testing framework for Kotlin.
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Meu início no mundo Kotlin

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Kotlin Multiplatform User Survey: Winter 2022

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Kotlin API for Lets-Plot - an open-source plotting library for statistical data.
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How to use TDD effectively to write android integration tests

Today we are going to write a simple TODO app, so simple that it will just have a TODO list but with 100% integration test coverage. As we are going to follow the TDD principle, we will write failing tests first and then actual code!

We will use Jetpack compose for views with MVVM architecture. For the sake of simplicity, we will not use HILT but it can be added anytime and that should not affect the things we are going to learn in this post.
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light-weight KOtlin Dependency Injection (KODI)
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OPENRNDR. A Kotlin/JVM library for creative coding, real-time and interactive graphics
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A lightweight Kotlin web framework for backend developers 🦆
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Zeko SQL Builder is a high-performance lightweight SQL query library written for Kotlin language
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A utility to make Kotlin/Java tests random yet reproducible
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Kotlin Serverless Framework
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Frontend com KVision

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