GraphQL Kotlin v2.0.0-RC9.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-02-28 // 3 months ago
  • Patch Changes

    • 🔒 Upgrade spring boot to fix security issue (#627) @smyrick
      • Please update your own included spring boot version to 2.2.5 to match this release as it included import security updates from downstream projects

Previous changes from v2.0.0-RC9

  • Major Changes

    • ➕ Add additionalTypes to generateSchema (#622) @de55
      • This change is breaking from the master branch but actually removes a feature that was only added since the 2.0 cut so it is backwards compatible with 1.x
    • 💥 BREAKING CHANGE: Make the KotlinDataFetcherFactoryProvider nullable (#623) @smyrick

    Patch Changes