highlight.js v11.3.2 Release Notes

  • Grammars:

    • 🛠 fix(python) def, class keywords detected mid-identifier (#3381) Josh Goebel
    • 🛠 fix(python) Fix recognition of numeric literals followed by keywords without whitespace (#2985) Richard Gibson
    • enh(swift) add SE-0290 unavailability condition (#3382) Bradley Mackey
    • enh(java) add sealed and non-sealed keywords (#3386) Bradley Mackey
    • 🛠 fix(clojure) Several issues with Clojure highlighting (#3397) Björn Ebbinghaus
      • fix(clojure) comment macro catches more than it should (#3395)
      • fix(clojure) $ in symbol breaks highlighting
      • fix(clojure) Add complete regex for number detection
      • enh(clojure) Add character mode for character literals
      • fix(clojure) Inconsistent namespaced map highlighting
      • enh(clojure) Add regex mode to regex literal
      • fix(clojure) Remove inconsistent/broken highlighting for metadata
      • enh(clojure) Add punctuation mode for commas.

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