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  • v0.14.0

    November 19, 2019
    • Bump version to 0.14.0 @ Kotlin 1.3.60
    • Add empty javadoc artifact to linking with Maven Central
    • Mark more things as @InternalSerializationApi.
    • Support @SerialId on enum members in protobuf encoding
    • Move Polymorphic and sealed kinds from UnionKind to special PolymorphicKind
    • Sealed classes serialization & generated serializers for enum classes (@SerialInfo support)
    • Objects serialization
    • Don't use deprecated UTF8<>ByteArray conversions in Native
    • Improve error message when static non-generic serializer can't be found
    • Support optional values for typesafe config format
  • v0.13.0

    September 12, 2019
    • Add mingwX86 target (#556)
    • Replace KClass.simpleName with artificial expect/actual with java.lang.Class.simpleName on JVM to overcome requirement for kotlin-reflect.jar (#549)
    • Update Gradle to 5.6.1 (therefore Gradle metadata to 1.0)
    • Fix incorrect index supply during map deserialization when READ_ALL was used (#526)
    • Serializers for primitive arrays (ByteArray etc)
    • Hide NullableSerializer, introduce '.nullable' extension instead
    • Fix the library to not create a stack overflow exception when creating a MissingDescriptorException. (#545)
  • v0.12.0

    August 23, 2019
    • Set up linuxArm32Hfp target (#535)
    • wasm32 is added as a build target (#518)
    • MPP (JVM & Native) serializer resolving from KType (via typeOf()/serializer() function)
    • Support maps and objects decoding when map size present in stream (fix #517)
    • Add proper SerialClassDescImpl.toString
    • Make JSON parser much more stricter; e.g. Prohibit all excessive separators in objects and maps
    • Robust JsonArray parsing
    • Improve json exceptions, add more contextual information, get rid of obsolete exception types
    • Prohibit trailing commas in JSON parser
    • Make the baseclass of the polymorphic serializer public to allow formats (#520)
    • Fix decoding for ProtoBuf when there are missing properties in the model. (#506)
    • Rework JsonException and related subclasses
    • Fix #480 (deserialization of complex map keys). Add tests for structured map keys in conjuction with polymorphism
    • Implement 'allowStructuredMapKeys' flag. Now this flag is required for serializing into JSON maps which keys are not primitive.
  • v0.11.1

    June 19, 2019
    • Fixed some bugs in compiler plugin for Native (#472, #478) (Kotlin 1.3.40 required)
    • Remove dependency on stdlib-jvm from common source set (Fixes #481)
    • Fix @UseSerializers argument type and clarify some docs
    • Support primitives (ints, strings, JsonLiterals, JsonNull, etc) on a top-level when saving/restoring JSON AST (#451)
    • Migrate to the new (Kotlin 1.3) MPP model
    • Add @SharedImmutable to default json module. Fixes #441 and #446
  • v0.11.0

    April 12, 2019

    🔌 Plugin:

    • Semantic change: Now properties with default values are @Optional by default, and properties without backing fields are @Transient by default.
    • Allow '@Serializable' on a type usage (fixes #367)
    • Auto-applying @Polymorphic for interfaces and serializable abstract classes
    • Do not enable PolymorphicSerializer without special annotation
    • Fix missing optionality of property when generating descriptor in Native
    • Fix impossibility to make @Optional field in a class hierarchy on JS
    • Add synthetic companion with .serializer() getter even if default serializer is overridden. (fixes #228)
    • Ban primitive arrays in JVM codegen too (fixes #260)
    • Don't generate writeSelf/internal constructor if corresponding serialize/deserialize aren't auto-generated
    • Support Serializable class hierarchies on Native and JS
    • Replace @Optional with @Required
    • Support classes with more than 32 serializable properties (fixes #164)
    • Make enums and interfaces not serializable internally. However, they still can be serialized using custom companion object. Fixes #138 and #304

    ⚙ Runtime:

    • Introduce JsonBuilder and JsonConfiguration as a better mechanism for configuring and changing configuration of the JSON
    • Implement polymorphic serialization in JSON using class discriminator key
    • Force quoting for map keys (fixes #379)
    • Fix bug with endianness in Native for Longs/Doubles
    • Do not allow to mutate SerialModule in formats
    • Implement multiplatform (JVM, JS and Native) PolymorphicSerializer
    • Remove obsolete and poorly designed global class cache. Remove JVM-only PolymorphicSerializer
    • Replace old SerialModule with new one which: - Can not be installed, should be passed in format constructor - Has polymorphic resolve and contextual resolve - Has DSL for creation - Immutable, but can be combined or overwritten
    • Improve error message for unknown enum constant
    • Deprecate @Optional, introduce @Required
    • Use long instead of int in JsonLiteralSerializer
    • Json and protobuf schemas recording prototype
    • Change JsonObject so it would comply to a Map interface: .get should return null for a missing key Incompatibility with standard Map contract may bring a lot of problems, e.g. broken equals.
    • Make JsonElementSerializer public
  • v0.10.0

    January 22, 2019
    • Migrate to Gradle 4.10 and metadata 0.4
    • Update to 1.3.20
    • Reorder Json parameter for consistency
    • Make JsonElement.toString() consistent with stringify (#325)
    • Int should return -1 on EOF.
    • Optimize the Writer.write(String) case.
    • Update the docs with new annotations
  • v0.10.0-eap

    December 19, 2018

    🔌 Plugin:

    • Support @SerialInfo annotation for Native
    • Remove redundant check for 'all parameters are properties' in a case of fully-customized serializer.
    • Fix unresolved symbol to SerialDescriptor in KSerializer if it was referenced from user custom serializer code (#290)
    • Support for @UseSerializers annotation
    • Restrict auto-implementing serializers methods to certain type of classes
    • Increase priority of overridden serializer on type (#252)
    • Fix instantiation of generic serializers on JS (#244)
    • .shouldEncodeElementDefault for JVM (#58)
    • Support skipping values equals to defaults in output stream for JS and Native backends (#58)
    • Support enums in Native
    • Support reference array and context serializers in Native
    • Fix order of overriding @Serializable(with) on property: check override, than @ContextualSerialization.
    • Support @Transient properties initializers and init blocks in Native
    • Better lookup for serializer() function in companion for generic classes because user can define a parameterless shorthand one (#228)
    • Generics serialization in Native
    • .getElementDescriptor for JVM, JS and Native
    • Respect @ContextualSerialization on file
    • Remove auto-applying ContextSerializer. @ContextualSerialization should be used instead.

    ⚙ Runtime:

    • Turn around messed endianness names (#308)
    • Update to Kotlin 1.3.20 EAP 2
    • Get rid of protobuf-platform functions since @SerialInfo annotations are supported now. Auto-assign ids starting with 1 because 0 is not a valid protobuf ID.
    • Delegates equals, hashCode of JsonObject and JsonArray.
    • Test for fixed #190 in plugin
    • UseSerializers annotation
    • Introduce LongAsStringSerializer
    • Add validation for parsing dynamic to Long Fixes #274
    • Merge pull request #294 from Kotlin/recursive_custom_parsing
    • Fix recursive serialization for JsonOutputs/Inputs
    • Production-ready JSON API
    • Remove ValueTransformer
    • Json improvements
    • @Serializable support for JsonArray
    • @Serializable support for JsonObject
    • @Serializable support for JsonNull and JsonPrimitive
    • Hide JsonTreeParser, provide Json.parseJson as replacement, implement basic JsonElementSerializer.deserialize
    • Migrate the rest of the test on JsonTestBase, implement nullable result in tree json
    • Implement custom serializers support for TreeJsonInput
    • Implement JsonArray serialization
    • Implement strict mode for double in TreeJsonOutput (fixes JsonModesTest)
    • Introduce JsonTestBase in order to ensure streaming and tree json compatibility, transient and strict support in TreeJsonInput
    • Make JsonElement serializable via common machinery
    • Json rework, consolidate different parsing mechanisms, hide implementation details
    • Polymorphic serializer improvements
    • Renamed identifiers to align with Kotlin's coding conventions.
    • Changed JSON -> Json and CBOR -> Cbor
  • v0.9.1

    November 19, 2018
    • Update lib to 0.9.1/Kotlin to 1.3.10
    • Make some clarifications about Gradle plugin DSL and serialization plugin distribution
    • Primitive descriptor with overriden name
    • Add missing shorthands for float and char serializers (Fixes #263)
    • Fix bug where primitive non-string values created by hand and created by parser could be inequal due to a redundant type comparison.
    • Don't look at default serializer too early during reflective lookup (Fixes #250)
  • v0.9.0

    October 24, 2018
    • Fix bug where .simpleName was not available for primitives' KClasses.
    • Improve Mapper: it is now a class (with default instance in Companion) which extends AbstractSerialFormat and therefore have context and proper reflectionless API.
    • Introduce @ImplicitReflectionSerializer for API which involves reflection.
    • Add Boolean.Companion.serializer() extension method.
    • Refactor surface API: introduce interfaces for different formats, move some inline functions for serialization start to extensions. As a minor change, now nulls can be serialized at top-level, where it is supported by the format.
    • Add AbstractSerialFormat as a base class to all major formats
    • Update general readme and versions: Library to 0.9, K/N to 1.0 beta
    • Update documentation for the new API
    • Updated info about eap13 releases
  • v0.8.3-rc13

    October 19, 2018
    • Set default byte order to BigEndian (to be more platform-independent and get rid of posix.BYTE_ORDER dependency)
    • Update Kotlin version to 1.3-RC4
    • Remove Gradle metadata from non-native modules
    • Add missing targets (Fixes #232)
    • Add license, developer and scm information in Maven pom in publication (Fixes #239)
    • Add builder for JsonArray
    • Redesign and unify exceptions from parsers (Fixes #238)
    • Move json parser back to monolith module (drops jsonparser artifact)
    • Little improvement of error messages > Not working until plugin is updated:
    • Initial support for skipping defaults: JSON
    • Replace choicesNames to Array to be easily instantiated from generated IR