ktx v1.9.10-b3 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-12-22 // about 1 month ago
  • 📚 Includes multiple new utilities, major documentation improvements and some notable dependencies updates.

    • ⚡️ [UPDATE] Updated to Kotlin 1.3.61.
    • ⚡️ [UPDATE] Updated to Kotlin Coroutines 1.3.3.
    • [FEATURE] (ktx-assets) Added AssetGroup abstract class that allows to manage groups of assets.
    • [FEATURE] (ktx-collections) Added removeAll, retainAll and transfer extensions to LibGDX Array using lambda predicates to modify the array in-place.
    • [CHANGE] (ktx-collections) PooledList now implements MutableIterable.
    • [FEATURE] (ktx-graphics) Added Batch.begin extension methods that automatically set projection matrix from a Camera or Matrix4.
    • [FEATURE] (ktx-style) Added Skin extension methods with reified resource types: optional, add, remove, has and getAll.
    • [FEATURE] (ktx-style) The overloaded += operator can now be used to add "default" resources to Skin.
    • [FEATURE] (ktx-json) Added JsonSerializer and ReadOnlyJsonSerializer adapters to facilitate writing custom serializers.
    • [FEATURE] (ktx-json) Added readOnlySerializer() factory functions to simplify creation of ReadOnlyJsonSerializer.

Previous changes from v1.9.10-b2

  • 🚀 A maintenance release with notable dependencies updates and two bug fixes in ktx-actors and ktx-box2d.

    • ⚡️ [UPDATE] Updated to Kotlin 1.3.50.
    • ⚡️ [UPDATE] Updated to Kotlin Coroutines 1.3.0.
    • ⚡️ [UPDATE] Updated to Gradle 5.6.1.
    • [CHANGE] (ktx-actors) Action.parallelTo changed to Action.along.
    • [CHANGE] (ktx-actors) Action.along (formerly Action.parallelTo) and Action.then no longer unwrap the second action.
    • [CHANGE] (ktx-actors)ParallelAction.along (formerly ParallelAction.parallelTo) and SequenceAction.then simply add the second action to the group without unwrapping.
    • [FEATURE] (ktx-actors) Added / operator to Action, which performs the non-mutating version of along, wrapping the caller and argument in a new ParallelAction.
    • [CHANGE] (ktx-actors) ParallelAction.plus() and SequenceAction.plus() no longer unwrap their components.
    • [FIX] (ktx-actors) along, then, + and / Action extension methods now properly differentiate between SequenceAction and ParallelAction, taking their inheritance into account.
    • [CHANGE] (ktx-box2d) Added disposeOfShape parameters to fixture extension methods of Body and BodyDefinition. Setting these values to true will cause the fixture shapes to be immediately disposed of after Fixture construction.
    • [FIX] (ktx-box2d) Removed memory leak caused by undisposed shapes.
    • [FEATURE] (ktx-graphics) Batch.use extension methods now accept Matrix4 and Camera to update the batch's projection matrix before rendering.