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  • v3.249.0

    • ⬆️ [all] Upgrade some dependency versions.
    • 👍 [http4k-server-netty] Add support for response streaming. H/T @carbotaniuman for the PR.
    • [http4k-serverless-gcf] New serverless module! H/T @ssijak for the PR.
  • v3.248.0

    • [http4k-server-ratpack] New backend module!
    • [http4k-format-jackson-yaml] New module!
    • ⬆️ [all] Upgrade some dependency versions.
    • [http4k-cloudnative] - Fix #418 - Fix separator propagation when adding values to an existing MapEnvironment. H/T @jshiell
    • 👍 [http4k-contract] - Add support for securing the API description endpoint. H/T @goodhoko for the PR.
    • 👍 [http4k-client-websocket] Added auto-reconnection support on blocking WsClient. H/T @alphaho for the PR.
    • 🗄 [http4k-format-*] Rename/deprecate asXYZString(Any) -> asFormatString(Any) in all modules
  • v3.247.0

    • [http4k-server-ktornetty] New backend module! H/T @albertlatacz for the contribution!
    • ⬆️ [all] Upgrade some dependency versions.
    • 🔒 [http4k-security-oauth] Fix #414 BasicAuth server filter to not throw an exception on invalid base64 input. H/T @Sebruck for the fix.
  • v3.246.0

    • ⬆️ [all] Upgrade some dependency versions.
    • [http4k-template-pebble] Fix #411 - Non-root pebble templates when using CachingClasspath from a compiled JAR. H/T @alyphen
  • v3.245.1

    • [http4k-server-ktorcio] Fix #410 - KtorCIO does not stop properly.
  • v3.245.0

    • ⬆️ [all] Upgrade some dependency versions.
    • [http4k-core] Factored out Http4kServletAdapter to allow usage of the Servlet API outside of creating a Servlet instance.
    • [all] [Breaking (prevent API abuse)] Restricted generic with() method actual http4k types. Usage outside our API should not use this method.
    • 🚚 [http4k-contract] Fix #404 - Rework of some FieldRetrieval classes to remove duplication and to support PropertyNamingStrategies set at the global level
  • v3.244.0

    • ⬆️ [all] Upgrade some dependency versions.
    • 🛠 [all] [Breaking (if you're not using it right!)] Fix #397 - Fixed up Maven dependencies so that they are not bringing in runtime libraries.
    • [http4k-core] - Add enum StringBiDiMapping #395 - H/T @goodhoko
  • v3.243.0

    • ⬆️ [all] Upgrade some dependency versions, including Kotlin to 1.3.72.
    • 🔒 [http4k-security-oauth] A strategy can now be passed into AuthRequestWithRequestAuthRequestExtractor to determine how to combine AuthRequest and RequestObject H/T @tom
  • v3.242.0

    • ⬆️ [all] Upgrade some dependency versions.
    • ✅ [http4k-testing-servirtium] Improve error diagnostics. H/T @vchekan for the PR.
    • [all] [Unlikely Break] Change Router to return RouterMatch instead of nullable HttpHandler. This allows us to support METHOD_NOT_ALLOWED (405) if we match a path but not a verb instead of just NOT_FOUND (404). This should break custom ro H/T @jshiell for the PR.
  • v3.241.0

    • 🔒 [http4k-security-oauth] [Breaking] client_id along with the corresponding TokenRequest is passed into access and refresh token generators so additional validation can take place H/T @tom